World of Speed Motorsports Museum Car Show

I’ve already said quite about about this wonderful museum in Southern Oregon, very near to downtown Porland.

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World of Speed also hosts a variety of CarsNCoffee gatherings and car shows now and again.  Luckily enough, the latter was going on when I visited recently.  There’s a lot to be said for any car show with Adam Carolla and Mario Andretti as judges.  It was a great fun deal, absolutely chocked full of great run-what-ya brung hardware, that ran the gamut from nicely restored or high dollar build machines to a solid variety of street drivers to the strange and wonderfully junky.

So please enjoy a walk around the sprawling WOS property, thanks to these great

Kirk Gerbracht photos…and please remember you can doubleclick on any photo to see it full screen in high res

The musclecar offerings this day were particularly tasty with something for everyone from mild to rodded to restored

Remember VW’s little Jetta based pickup? So handsome and perfectly sized, I don’t know why VW doesn’t still build this one

Remember the song “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets…?”

Funny thing about Fox bodied 5,0-Mustangs. You see them either really nice, like this one, or rusting and beat to within an inch of the junkyard

Extremely sano Sunbeam Tiger; neat and sweet, with just the right, and right amount of, upgrades and mods

’66 GT350 — always cool, never wrong

Fabulously done restomod ’54 Mercury Sun Valley, replete with the PlexiGlas roof panel in period factory colors

Hot ’63 Galaxie rocking the Thunderbolt Vibe

Wouldn’t be a car show in America without Tri-Five Chevvies, including this rare bodystyle ’55 sedan delivery

’64 GTO hardtop with all the right cues; Tri-Power carb system, TorqThrust D wheels, and redline tires

Cruisin for bruisin for sure: ’68 Olds 4-4-2 convertible (no less); standing tall and looking sharp

Hot Rods? Of course…

Not everyone loves 50s style customs, but I certainly do when done as well as this ’58 Chevy Lead Sled

Crazy cool and expensive build was this over the top Chevy COE transporter, streatched out to a crew cab, and running a Cummins turbodiesel engine

Talk about over the top: the crowd went a bit nuts when this color matched Ford GT and McLaren duo pulled in and parket together.

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