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Slide show and book signing at Blackhawk

I’m pleased and honored to be invited back to the fabulous Blackhawk Collection Museum in Danville, California, December 2, 2017 to present a brief talk, slide show, and book signing. If you’ve never visited this elegant place, it’s an absolute bucket-lister I promise you. Kickoff is 10:30 AM and we’ll be done by noon. This is part of the museum’s Saturday Speaker series, which in the past has included many automotive luminary types, including my friends Donald Osborn and Wayne Carini, among several. Please come, meet me, I’ll autograph your books, you’ll see a fun slide show, plus see a world class collection and museum.

Available Now:

McQueen’s Motorcycles: Racing and Riding with the King of Cool.  Steve McQueen was every bit as legit as a motorcycle rider, racer, and collector as he was all those things with cars.  This new hardcover volume details his early days and early bikes, and his run for the US team in the 1964 International Six Day Trial, his magnificent stunt riding in the movie The Great Escape, and all the great bikes he rode, raced, wrecked and gathered later in his life.  Huskys, Indians, Triumphs, desert sleds, and of course, the film On Any Sunday.  Available now from,, or