Vive la France – and Vive la Mullin private collection

Many of you know of Peter Mullin; he’s the big game LA businessman who puts down rather large and significant footprints in the classic and collector car community.  Mr. Mullin has a rather fabulous museum in Oxnard, California, bearing his own name, and also serves as Chairman of the Board of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  He also has one other most amazing place that most people aren’t aware of and never see.  That being a small, subtle, not open to the public, outpost also in Los Angeles — calling it a garage or a “car barn” isn’t quite right, as its really a jewel-sized, elegantly restored, and decorated private museum collection.

“Big Sir from Big Sur” as he’s nicknamed loves French cars most particularly, and has his very private collection of mostly French hardware from the brass, black metal, and art decco eras kept in this unmarked, quiet facility in West LA.  It’s marvelously restored, decorated and artfully presented, as are the cars, buggies, engines and ephemera.  I recently visited this special place, and am pleased to share photos of it with you here (can’t give you the address, or I’d have to kill ya).  Most of the two story building is car storage, plus there’s a marvelous office upstairs, a patio for entertaining, and some display cases to share the stories of Mr. and Mrs. Mullin’s European wine and olive oil production.

A marvelous place put together by marvelous people.  Please enjoy the pix….and doubleclick any of them to see full size and in high res

Just a quick look to give you the lay of the land, notice the office upstairs on the mezzanine level

Fabulous Renault Town car; all of the vehicles in this collection are in superb fettle, and many are in original and unrestored condition

Got Brass?

Vroom with a View

Elegant Library dining room combo

As we all know, the earliest automotive designs were rooted in the end of the horse and buggy days, so they are properly recognized here

Stairway to heaven? Looks like it to me

Crusty bread, cheese, olive oil, and wine please

Just in case you’ve never seen a Hispano-Suiza aircraft engine

and here’s the olive oil and wine I ordered

The End, for this time out