Sorry to have neglected the blog, and you


So sorry to have been such a sloth and not updated this page at my usual twice a week pace.  But I’ve been eyeballs deep in finishing up a new book, in fact my second about Porsche.

It’ll say Porsche Special Editions at the top, and my name and Foreword by Magnus Walker at the bottom. Can’t wait!

It’s called Porsche Special Editions, and will be out sometime in the second quarter of ’22.  Above is a quick peak at the tasty cover photo.  It’ll be all those anniversary cars, limited production models, and some ultra rare treats, including a potful of wonderful concepts and design studies.  I’ve been working on it for a year, and it all goes to the publisher for production this week, so its been head down, and all hands to the pumps for me.  So Mea Culpa please.

As production winds down, and it goes to print, I’ll give you further updates,  and tease you with more photos, and very much hope you’ll want and enjoy one.

Back to my regularly scheduled automotive nonsense in a week or so.

Thanks for your patience, and for visiting.