San Marino Motor Classic Car Show

The LA area finally has a great concours it can call its own.

photography by Tall Jeff and courtesy San Marino Motor Classic

Southern California is one of the epicenters of classic car culture in America, yet has been casting about for a top notch concours for some years. I think it’s finally happened; a great, accessable show in a beautiful venue that centers on traditional classics, but has lots of something for everyone. It’s called the San Marino Motor Classic, and takes held in a lovely, classic park called Lacey Park in toney, leafy San Marino, and upper crust burb just south of Pasadena. Lots of heavy pre-war classics, and superb post war stuff too, plus a few trucks, sports cars, bicycles, woodies, a great Cobra class, several tasty Ferraris, and eye candy everywhere you turn. It all took place on June 12, and it’ll happen again next June. Stay posted at

Here’e the pix:

A heavy classic for sure, and a most deserving Best of show winner; Tony Vincent's 1939 Delage D8-120 Cabriolet

Handy winner of the Most Elegant Closed award was Vin di Bona's most outstanding 1956 Continental Mk II, one of my very favorite cars at this show

My friend (and mega collector and philanthropost) Bruce Meyer knows, owns, and always brings great hardware, like this 1937 Bugatti Stelvio convertible

Something Italian, perhaps? Two of the several Ferrari Daytonas on hand in San Marino. Yumm

An always popular bit of fins and chrome is this '53 Buick Skylark

Art Center Designer's Choice Award 1951 Siata 208S Barchetta, and if you think it resembles a 7/8 scale Cobra, you'd be right. And like a Cobra, it runs a V-8 engine , this one a jewel-like two-liter

This "break-in warning" badge on the Siata's instrument panel is particularly charming

Everyone loves Healeys, and I love Ron Lee's Le Mans style 54 Austin-Healy 100

And along came a this case, a '55 RS Spyder, particularly rare and valuable these days

I love trucks, and none more than a well presented '56 Ford F-100

One of the coolest Cobras I know; this one has it all; its a small-block 289 car with knock-off Halibrand wheels and a killer motor (see photo below)

Welcome to Weber Carbville

Sam and Alisa Kling's '41 Packard Woody likely inspired a few of them

Here's a rare little buggy, a Fiat Abarth 750 convertible

Now, pay attention Double O Seven

I know nothing about classic bicycles, but they presented well and the crowd enjoyed them

Simply the best '63 Split window Corvette I've ever seen; navy over red, perfect

And of course the amazing split window pictured above would have to be a Fuelie! Yessssssss