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One of just a few GT40 MkIII street versions, purchased by Robert E. Petersen himself, and currently owned by the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and hopefully will be forever

Like Ford GTs?  So do I – perhaps my Favorite Cars in the World, which is why I thought you might enjoy this news….MS

“Museum Visitors to Experience Trio of Automotive Marvels Assembled for First Time”

Ford Motor Company Media Archive, Petersen Automotive Museum, and REVS institute photos

December 21, 2023 – Naples, Florida – Revs Institute® unveils “Pony Pedigree”; this holiday season, a
captivating exhibition that explores the legacy of the Ford GT40 and its journey to triumph at Le Mans.
The exhibition’s highlight is the exceptional 1967 Ford GT40 Mark III, one of the rarest models, with only
seven ever constructed. On loan from the Margie and Robert E. Petersen Collection at the Petersen
Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California, this automotive marvel will be on display at Revs
Institute through July 2024.

Go Big Red: 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1967.
AJ Foyt/Dan Gurney Ford Mark IV takes the flag.

The Most Significant Ford GT ever? Chassis 1075 was the first car to win Le Mans twice, in this case 1968 and 1969; other cars have since matched this feat, but this Gulf liveried GT was the first, and I say the best.

“Pony Pedigree” offers a unique narrative, tracing the evolution from the Mustang I concept to the
groundbreaking design of the GT40. This exhibition provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness the
GT40s development through its different generations: the Mk I and Mk II-B, both part of Miles Collier
Collections housed at Revs Institute, alongside the distinguished Mk III.
"Hosting three generations of the GT40, including the rare 1967 Mark III, in one exhibition is a way to
give our visitors both a truly special experience and a deeper understanding of Ford’s road to victory at
Le Mans,” says Lauren Goodman, Supervising Producer of Media and Exhibitions at Revs Institute. The
GT40 represents a remarkable chapter in automotive excellence and historical significance. Enthusiasts
and newcomers are encouraged to explore this unique display and uncover the rich narratives behind
these legendary vehicles.

Ford GT40 team in the Le Mans pits, 1966:
Ken Miles and Denny Hulme (1) finished
second; Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon (2)
won; Dick Hutcherson and Ronnie Bucknum (3)
finished third.

The “Pony Pedigree” exhibition is not just about showcasing these remarkable cars; it is a deep dive into
the ingenuity and ambition that drove Ford to international racing success. “We are thrilled to bring this
story to life, highlighting the convergence of groundbreaking design and technological advancements
with the compelling narrative behind each model”; said Scott George, Curator of Collections, Revs
Institute Inc.
The purchase of a general admission ticket includes entry to this exhibit.

Ford GT 40 MarkII-B 067 – Yeow!


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