NEW SUPERCARS Exhibit at the Petersen


EXHIBIT ON-DISPLAY DATES: October 2020 to May 9, 2021, with possible extension

We’ve all been dying for a fix of our favorite automotive events, motorsport, and car museum tours.  While many of the world’s great car museums are closed for all the reasons we all know, it doesn’t mean that the museum elves haven’t been working to develop new themes, displays and exhibits, one them being of course my favorite automotive Happiest Place on Earth (sorry Disneyland), the world reknown Petersen Automotive Museum.

Depending upon when you grew up, its likely that you had exotic car posters up in your room or hangout.  I certainly did — and still do.  And its a good chance that a Countach, Miura, Boxer, Daytona, 959, 288 GTO or F40 were among them.

If you want to see the modern dictionary of supercars live and in front of you, look forward to the day the Petersen reopens from Co-19 lockdown, which we all hope is coming mercifully soon.  And believe me, all of your supercar favorites are here, in this magnificent exhibit that’s built out and just waiting for you.  It’ll run from the time the museum reopens until at least May 9/21.

Here’s a few photos just to tease you….and you can double-click on any image to see it full screen and in high res–

See what I mean?

Three very different mid-enginers from two different countries.

Two of the more elegantly designed hypercars are the Jaguar XJ220 on left, and the American born Saleen S7 at right

RUF CTR YellowBird at left, and the revolutionary first gen Acura NSX at right

ENZO Underneath: yes a Ferrari Enzo chassis and V-12 powertrain lie beneath this elegant Maserati MC12’s designer duds

Not that you care a lot about my tastes, but one of my all time fave cars of all time, Ferrari’s ferocious twin turbo 288 GTO

Many consider the McLaren F1 to be the ultimate, seminal SuperCar, and I’m among them

No display or discussion of Supercars would be complete without Lamborghini’s wonderfully over the top Countach

Not all Supercars were born in the 60s, 70s, 80s or today — this is a pre-1920 Mercer Raceabout, just around as sporty as things got back then

And who wouldn’t include Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XK-SS