Montrose Invitational Car Show

You may or may not have ever heard of Montrose, California.  It’s our version of “Mayberry, RFD” and embodies a crazy-charming old school shopping village.  The Montrose Village is about three blocks long, meanders slightly, and is packed full of great restaurants, jewelry stores, and cutsey boutiques.  It’s the home of our weekly farmer’s market, and enjoys a real sense of community.  And each July 4th weekend, the Chamber of Commerce, local hot rod clubs, and the local business associations, put on a dandy car show.

As this event is staged by two hot rod clubs, you’d expect plenty of great rods, and there were.

It’s a run what you brung show first and foremost, with a lot of support and involvement from our two local hot rod clubs.  So the hardware runs the gamut from Tri Five Chevys, hot rods, trucks, and bikes to Cobras and Citroens.  And there were many and plenty of all of those there this year.

Hey, its an all American weekend, so why not logs of great 50s American iron

It only costs a few bucks to enter, and spectator admission is free.  All the local eateries are open so stroll, look, talk, make photos and sit down for a drink or a bite when you’re ready.  Nice easy deal. And great cars this year; always are, but this year the show was at least 50% larger than in past, and the quality and variety was exceptional.

A total of four DeTomaso Panteras in the show this year, with most of the sports cars gathering in this “exotics” section. Gotta love a little fast and dangerous.

Please enjoy the pix, by meez truly.

My friend Stewart Reed’s fabulous Citroen SM, plus concours quality VW.

Every this the show includes a special class for dragsters and gassers, which then fire up for the PA system in a little “CackleFest” of engine revving and exhaust noise. Very popular with the crowd, and loud in the best ways.

“Mr. Cobra” Lynn Park also loves and owns and builds great hot rods. You won’t find one a lot greater than this fabulous, recently build, 50’s Indy racer style ’32 highboy.

If presentation is everything, then this fabulous ’57 Nomad had the malt shop and surfer thing covered with style.

This fabulous ’57 belongs to my neighbor Joe Bell, and its all original, as bought new by his aunt and uncle. Talk about family Heirloom!

One of the very best Cobras I know. Perfect 289 bod with no funky mods, full house Weber carbs intake, sharp sounding exhausts, all the options — just like Carroll intended. Belongs to a great guy named Tim somethingorother.

The paint, colors, restoration, interiors and detailing on this multiwindows Type 2 are of Pebble Beach Concours quality. When they accept VW vans into Pebble Beach, this one should be there.

There was no indication if this LAPD style ’55 was a real cop car in its early life or just a well done tribute, but damn charming either way.