Malibu and Petersen Automotive Museum Cars and Coffees

My longtime friend, and oft time photographer, Kirk Gerbracht (who also supplied the great photos contained herein)  lives by the saying that “the measure of a successful weekend is how many car events you could cram into the two days” and it’s a perfectly logical notion, to which I also subscribe. One show or event is pretty easy to pull off, two sometimes takes a little more effort, and three more more is the quinella.

We recently pulled off the “three fer” beginning with our usual local, and always excellent, morning breakfast cruise in at a nearby UA theater complex in LaCanada, (put on by the Early Rodders hot rod club, every Saturday, something for everyone, run what you brung, and of course no charge, with a Starbucks and a bagel joint on property at 1919 Verdugo Blvd La Canada, CA 91011, come see us some time).  Then on Sunday we went to an always great event at a park parking lot in Malibu, smack on the beach at PCH at Las Virgines /  Malibu Canyon Road.  This one happens only once a month, but is worth saving up your morning for.  Hey you can cut the lawn later in the day.

OK, I guess we got room for this guy…

Malibu is also technically a run what you brung gathering, but given the socioeconomic strata of the area, there aren’t too many run down beaters at this deal.  Lots of exotica and top end sports cars (Astons, Ferraris, Mercedes, numerous Porsches, upper crust Mustangs, and the more than occasional McLaren).  If you like fast and dangerous, this is a great stop for you.

Old fat guy proof that I was really there, yes that’s me, and yes that’s my 911 (the one on the left, not the new on on right)..

Its smallish but mighty; the lot doesn’t hold more than 150-200 cars, but there is plenty of other parking around for your civilian vehicles.  If you plan on putting your car in the hot lot, be there by 7:00 or you don’t get it, or maybe you might sneak in at 7:30 if there’s no line and someone else is pulling out of a spot.  And as with most of these events, its all over by 9:00.  Coffee and snack truck always on hand, and lots of good places nearby on PCH for breakfast.

Talk about a Vroom with a View — as is any cruise in on the top parking deck at the world famous and world fabulous Petersen Automotive Museum.

Then it was off to mid-town LA for the Petersen’s monthly C and C gathering; which sometimes highlights a certain marque, group or club, and other times is wide open to anything and anyone.  This day was a wide open day, and it was indeed wide open.  It all happens on the museum’s upper deck parking lot, with free bagels and coffee.

How’s this for selection; be you don’t see too many BMW Z1 roadsters around every day

Everytime I see a Mercedes 300LS Gullwing I’m reminded how positively exotic this car was in its day, and remains. Nothing else in the mid-50s packed this much technology, design, performance and pure fabulousness into one car as did this

And the selection and quality of cars is fabulous; lots of Ferraris it seemed this day, and Porsches too, from old 50s stuff to the latest and hottest.  Its by no means a judged show in any way, but there is some casual “people’s choice” and “sponsor pick” type of prize giving — best of show this day was a red Pantera that the owner had since new, and was absolutely stock and unmodified, still wearing its original paint.  Plus there was a Nissan PAO on hand (how many of those to you see every day) and a Pebble Beach quality Volvo 1800 ES sportwagen, looking showroom fresh and perfect in nearly every way.  Check out for dates and details.

Just like my old Pantera L, but mine was yellow. This also an unrestored original, uber clean, and bested the best of the rest in popular judging this day — deservedly so

And please don’t leave, lots more photos from both events just below…

Friend Jeff’s BIG Jag Portfolio sedan

Uber exotic (and equally rare) new Ferrari Tour de France

Lots of great stuff packed into a relatively compact lot in Malibu, but worth the trip for sure

One of the coolest cars IMHO at this event was this immaculately original Pontiac Firebird Formula 350 4-barrel 4-speed. On to the Petersen…

Lots of color and motion everywhere you look

What would be a Nissan PAO, you might ask? Well, here…

Right hand drive, not originally sold or legal in the US…looks like it belongs to a dealer — note funky foreign license plate

I’ve always, and still wanted(ed) one of these Avanti IIs

The finest 1800 ES I’ve ever seen

Rare buggies: look to the left of the BMW for a second, and it’s not a Turbo; instead an ’87 M491 optioned Carrera “Turbo Look” coupe which got the Turbo’s flares, front and rear spoilers, suspension and brakes — hard to find a very expensive now

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West LA used to be crawling with these marvelous Mercedes SE coupes and cabs; you see less of them out as everyday cars now, as they’ve become highly collectible and expensive. And this one was spectacular in its very period correct looking metallic gold

Im pretty confident that this fabulously gold Porsche was not a genuine Carrera RS 2.7 — notice the 2.4 engine badge — but instead an authentic looking and high quality clone or tribute. No harm no foul, as the real ones cost a half million bucks, and hot rod outlaw style Porsches are fine with me. Check out the license plate frame from legendary LA Porsche dealer and racer Vasek Polak

Clone, tribute, real deal, hot rod, RGruppe or whatever, this car looked and sat just fab

LA Mid-Wilshire Blvd. skyline is the perfect backdrop for a car show.

Fabulous Ghibli is nothing but Yum…see you next month