Holiday Car Guy/Gal Gift Guide

If you are the gift-giving type, then your car guy/gal might enjoy some of the new car guy/gal stuff out this season.

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Happy shopping…and please scroll all the way to the end as this is a longish one with lots of goodies to consider.  Thanks, happy hols and happy 2020.

If your holidays include a Christmas Tree or Hannukkah bush, you may want to give one of these Shelby Foundation ornaments; they show your Shelby enthusiasm, and the money goes to charity. Shop at

I’m very much in love with Piloti driving shoes. They are great looking, beautifully made, perfect for driving, and offered in dozens of both sporty and dressy styles.

Lots of great new car books out this year, here are just a few:

The MT story is both epic and tragic. This was the last book written and published by my friend, the late great Tom Madigan.

Ford’s magical SUV has become the hottest, most collectible, and highly sought after SUV you can name. Here’s the whole development story, all the models, racers and specials.

Hubert Platt is a drag racing legend. Here’s his story and it’s a great one.

Got Hemi? Of course they do. The whole story of many of MoPar’s greatest musclecars with big motors.

I can’t think of anyone who knows more about Shelby Mustangs than Colin Comer, and not only is his work factually correct, but he has a smart outlook on what’s what, and what’s not.

This is a heavy hitter book by two very smart guys who know the scene. If you are the type that will spend this winter analyzing classic car pricing trends, this book will keep you happy by the fireplace for months. or

Just a sample at what the Collector Car Auction Yearbook asale results listings look like

You don’t even have to do the charts and graphs, as the authors have done all that work for you

OK I’ll admit that this is entirely self serving, as these are my books. Double click to see this ad full size

Your Harley guy or gal may also want an H-D F-150 to go along with their ride.

And yes of course, the world’s #1 selling Ford dealer carries the H-D F-150 for immediate delivery.

So many cars are themselves fine art, so why not fine art about cars?

The eternally gifted William Motta is known for his elegant “car logos and bubbles” series of paintings; among his latest is this Alfa piece

This elegant work by Barry Rowe is logically enough called Bugatti Blue

Heavy Metal: another Motta masterwork is the big face of this Continental; the metal isn’t plated gold, just reflecting the warm sunlight that Bill saw for this work

Don’t wait until Spring to spiffy up your ride. I’ve used these Jay Leno’s Garage detail products on my own cars and they are excellent

And Jay uses them too, this is an actual detail cart at Jay’s shop, at work and in use. Shine ’em with America’s favorited car guy at

Mothers produces this outstanding line of products that are quick and easy to use with real results.

More detailed info on Mothers Speed line of detail products — love this stuff.

And before you leave the website, you might consider this autographed Le Mans edition GT40 die-cast