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Loveable crapcan lemons rock Pebble Beach's 17 mile drive

More than 90 oddball and lesser celebrated cars tour 17 Mile Drive during
famed Monterey Classic Car week

photos by Matt Stone and courtesy Hagerty

MONTEREY, Calif., (August 18, 2012) – In contrast to the traditional high end events that take place during the internationally celebrated classic car weekend, a tour for oddball and often underappreciated cars was created by Hagerty to celebrate the fact that all cars are beautiful and meant to be on the road. The free event attracted over 90 cars and more than 500 participants and spectators.

The tour started and ended at Laguna Grande Park in Seaside allowing spectators to get up close and admire the cars. Awards were voted by the participants and the “Most Sour” award went to a 1964 Sunbeam Tiger owned by Philip Cohen of Dana Point, CA.

This poor lumpy, rusty early 912 is beyond restoration, but drew a lot of looks, and ran well enough to finish the whole tour

“Many people assume that cars labeled as “Lemons” are not generally road worthy or deserving of recognition at car shows”, said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Insurance. “Every single one of these cars completed the tour without a single mechanical issue which speaks to the fact that these owners love and take great car of their cars.”

Only a brand named DAF could produce a model called the DAFfodil

At the end of the tour Hagerty announced plans to host another tour for 2013. For more information on the 2013 Hagerty Tour of LeMons when it becomes available, please contact edeboer@hagerty.com.

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I love dune buggies. This one had its own sense of style, and ran a Subaru flat four motor out back

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I used to have a Ford breadvan just like this, but this one had way many more matching hubcaps, wheels, and tires than mine did.