DRIVEN: 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige

Premium EVs are here.  And you’d have to look a long way to find a nicer one than this decidedly upmarket two-row Genesis.

Unlike some EVs there are few choices in terms of motors, drive wheels, and extended range batteries: The EGV70 comes one way, and that’s pretty much loaded.  My tester did include a $6800 Prestige equipment package, which adds a lot of nummy tasty stuff, and you can decide if its worth including on your E GT70 or not.  Its 320kW Dual Motor (Front: 160 kW/Rear: 160 kW) powertrain is good for 429 horsepower, and trust me this vehicle isn’t quick, its genuinely fast.  This is all the power you’d ever want or need.

The design, look, packaging, and materials on this rig are superlative; if the steering wheel badge read Mercedes-Benz or even Bentley, you wouldn’t know that it wasn’t.  The diamond patterned Nappa leather looks and feels supple yet sturdy.  The aluminum metal trim is clean and tech looking and cool to the touch.  The center mounted infotainment touchscreen is clear, bright, and generally easy to use, as is the main instrument pod.  Some often accessed functions are still controlled via buttons, which many will like.  The second row seatbacks flip down or up via motorized controls — very handy at the Home Depot.

The charging port is neatly and conveniently hidden behind an invisible flipper door in the front grille allowing easy charging no matter what side or angle you pull into a charging bay, out in the public space or in your garage.  Charging is easy and smart – pretty much plug and play.  The infoscreen will tell you where charging stations are, and how many miles to empty, and once plugged in, at what percentage the batteries are, and how much longer charging time to get to full.

The drive is superlative, as mentioned, the powertrain gives loads of horsepower and torque at any speed or throttle setting.  And the chassis is a jewel too; you’ll find yourself attacking those curvy on- and off-ramps as the vehicle stays flat and planted even when really pushed, plus the large, aggressive rolling stock provides plenty of grip and communication back to the steering wheel, and to your backside.  Ride quality is excellent, and road and wind noise levels are commendably low.  It’s a great, luxurious drive, elegant and comfy.

Its not as roomy as even Genesis’ own GV80 and 90 models, but if it suits your size needs and passenger count, you’ll be hard pressed to ask for more — except in one area; the E GV70’s 236 mile overall range is just adequate these days — even bottom rung Teslas offer at least 300.  The GV70s chassis, and floor pan offer more than adequate room for more batteries — if that’s the issue.  I say that a $65-75,000 EV these days should offer at least a 300-mile overall range, or an optional extended range to get to that if that’s what the buyer/owner wants and needs.  Otherwise, that’s my only knock on this beautiful, and dynamically outstanding premium EV SUV.