The World Famous Galpin Car Show, 2017

photos by Kirk Gerbracht, Me, and courtesy Galpin Auto Group.  All photos are posted in hi res, so double click on any one to see full screen.  Thanks — enjoy.

You know Galpin Ford. The World’s #1 selling Ford dealer in the world for decades. A family owned and operated dynastic institution descending from founder Frank Galpin, sales manager then later owner Herbert “Bert” Boeckmann, and now a second and third generation of Boeckmann family members running the store. Annual open houses and car shows have been a part of the company’s outreach since the 60s, and the Galpin Gang pulled off a dandy of one on October 8, 2017.

This year, the Galpin team decided to open the doors to its “Galpin Square” department store of car dealerships and brands a little wider. Galpin owns several blocks along Roscoe Blvd in the San Fernando Valley, just East of the 405 Freeway. And among its brands (in these locations and others) are Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, KIA, Mazda, Volvo, Lotus, Porsche, Honda and Subaru, plus the Galpin Auto Sports Toybox, Ford Performance Parts outlet, and Shelby ModShop. With many of those dealership fronts lined up shoulder to shoulder along the boulevard, Galpin decided to open up all the stores as grounds for the show. Most of the new and pre-owned inventory was moved out, and all of the dealership ground became the show. Most of the Ford and Shelby cars and trucks were at the main Galpin Ford locale, while the Volkswagen store got the VWs, and the Lincoln/Volvo/Aston Martin/Lotus properties hosted those brands and anything falling into the exotic car realm, plus Mazda hosted all the Japanese classic stuff. Many of the hotter Mustangs and hot rods hung out in the GAS front yard. Run what you brung, anything and everyone welcome. Bring the family and the dog, plenty to see, a special area for the kids, and lots of food on hand too.

I don’t recall if Jay was pointing at me in a “hey there he is” kind of way or accusing me of something, but I always enjoy seeing him either way. As did everyone else at the Galpin Car Show

It wouldn’t be a car show without vendor booths, and there was all kinds of stuff to ogle. Jay Leno’s Garage was on hand with its new line of Jay approved and Garage used car care goodies. And of course, the always affable and friendly Jay made quite an entrance in his new Ford GT. Even though most folks are cool with Jay and give him some space and a little slack, the guy never says no to a selfie or a photo with someone’s kids. Smiling all the way.

For many Galpin Show visitors, it was their first chance to see the new gen Ford GT up close and personal. With absolute respect to Mazda, this is what I call “Zoom Zoom!”

The main Ford showroom looked like a cross between its mid-60s self – packed with all manner of great early Shelby Mustangs and Cobras, plus Ford GTs, old and new—and 2017. Yum. Plus a special playground area and rides for kids of all ages. And several historic Galpin built or sponsored race cars line up out front.

Check out the famous Mach IV dragster, sponsored by Galpin and running 4 small-block Ford V-8s.

Ever seen a funny car running four small block Ford V-8s? Lots of old 427 SOHC “cammer” motors on the property too. Truly something(s) for everyone.

All of the Galpin gift and goodie shops were open, selling parts, this year’s commemorative T-shirts, and all kinda Ford and Galpin stuff. There was no charge to attend the show, so why not leave a few bucks behind for some goodies.

Since the cars and crowd were spread over so many areas, it was hard to accurately gauge the number of attendees, but I heard the number 10,000 batted around a couple times, and throughout the day, I’m sure it was more as the herd ebbed and flowed.

Will there be a next year? Bet on it. And you can keep track of the happenings, and enter your car, at www.  And #galpincarshow.


Thought you would enjoy this shot from the Galpin Car Show in 1969. Times, cars, and the area sure have changed…

Ferrari 330 GTS in perfect concours condition, yet obviously driven and enjoyed. I’d certainly enjoy owning it!

What’s a car show without a Luv Bug? Everybody loves Herbie

Some of the really early classic Veedubs were very well presented, check out all the extra options and goodies on this ragtop

I can’t wait to see what the Galpin Auto Sports shop does with the upcoming new-for-2019 Bronco

The GAS shop has built several vehicles in this famous Gulf “blue and orange” livery, which still looks great on a Ford GT, a Porsche 917–or an F-150. Some styles never go out of style…

Even if you’re not shopping for a car, a meal at the Horseless Carriage Restaurant is worth your visit to Galpin. it’s SO much more than a diner or a coffee shop, with really great food. Chef Giovanni has done time at some famous high end resorts, and the quality and variety on the menu will astound you. I’m not ‘kiddin!

A couple of Galpin’s own projects, at left the GTR which was GAS’s aluminum bodied take on the 2003-2005 Ford GT, and on the right is the Henrik Fisker designed Galpin Rocket Mustang — which is no mere body kit, but a complete carbon fiber rebody of the current gen Mustang.

Galpin Ford has been a Shelby dealer since 1965 so you’d expect to find a nice lineup of Shelbys at the Galpin Car Show.

One of the strangest dragsters ever is this wonderfully crazy Galpin sponsored Econline. Note that the parachute is on the nose…because in this case the front is the back. The engine sits in the middle of the bed, and the and the driver sits backwards in the cab, looking out the what was the back window. You can also tell because the little skinny wheels are on what was the back, and the giant rear wheels are the drive wheels, mounted on what used to be the front end — Strange but true

The big ’64 Galaxie in back is a tribute reproduction of Ron Hornaday, Sr’s original Galpin sponsored NASCAR stocker — Hornaday was a long time Galpin employee. The Pinto in front was built to compete in the old 2.5-liter SCCA Trans-Am class

Old school GT40s and Cobra Daytona coupes are never wrong…

I doubt you’d fine a larger, or better looking round up of Edsels than were on display at Galpin.

Galpin was also an Edsel dealer back in the day, although ran that operation out of a different showroom, branded “Modern Edsel”

This gives you an idea of the kind of variety on display at the Galpin Car Show — truly something for everybody

GAS’s motto is “If you can dream it, we can build it” which is likely true. I get my own cars worked on there

Check out this wonderful squadron of AMC coppers; running 401 Javelin V-8s, these Ambassadors are musclecar fast.

No work going on in the immaculate GAS shop today, just a bevy of great classics on display at the #Galpincarshow.

This aerodynamically optimized super early aluminum bodied 356 was Porsche’s first factory race car, and notched a class win at Le Mans in 1951. Major history here.

Three great generations of Lincoln: A Continental Mk II at left, a ’65 converible in the middle, plus a Mk IV in white on the right.

Galpin’s Club Aston showroom is something straight out of a James Bond film set.

The Galpin Auto Show is a family affair, with second and third gen Boeckmann family members hanging and gangin with Jay Leno