Welcome to my Virtual CarsNCoffee

Most of you know I have an SL500 very similar to this one. What grinds me most about this example is that I never see it move, although it is licensed. Its dirty, the rear window is faded to nearly opaque, and it just sits. What a waste of a great, and great driving car

Dear gang,

I miss my daily, weekly, monthly, favorite car events just as much as you do.  But in order to keep the old personal hardware active and moving, Linda and I take a walk at the end of nearly every work day.  We seldom go far from our neighborhood, but constantly see interesting cars, so I thought I’d share them with you.  Some are near show quality, some are near boneyard quality, but most are interesting in some way or another.  So I been snapping them, with the intent to give you something else to look at other than the hardware in your own driveway.  So, with masks on and distancing social (or anti social) here’s my own spin on the notion of a virtual cars n coffee I hope you’ll enjoy at least a little.  There’s no criteria here, and no profiling of any kind other than they tickled me for some reason or another.  Many are street finds, some driveway finds, some ready for the barn.  And you can doubleclick on any image to see it high res and full screen.  No matter, please enjoy…

I love everything about this happy sunny photo. This ’65 Mustang is immaculate, wearing the license plate PONY4GG, GG being the smiling lady mugging for my camphone. GG isn’t her name, but her nickname, which stands for GrandmaGale. Nice folks out for a nice drive on a nice day in a damn nice little car

OK, I know this black ’58 Chevy isn’t a Bel Air, nor a two door hardtop, instead the base model Bisgayne but clean and charming none the less. Perfect “starter” classic and charming and fun to put around town or take to In-N-Out,right?

Wonderful little early 50s Dodge pickup, repleate with the cool quarter windows in the cab. Dark green with black trim – nice!

There would always be room in my metaphorical garage for a Laguna Blue second gen M3 just like this one…

This semi dusty ’71/72 Duster is actually pretty nice. A bit of touch up paint, a serious detail job, and you have a nifty little MoPar

This 535i was a winner when new, and still is. Would still be a great car to own and drive today

What’s it all about, Alfie, er, Alfa? Then along came this Spyder

I’ve owned a couple of these last gen Volvo 240 series wagons, and the are interesting, solid workhorse cars that can be fun to drive. Like this one done up with original Turbo wheels

Not every day you stumble upon two first gen Mercury Cougars in one walk. Neither of them particularly nice as they sit, but both worth redoing to some level if you can do them on the semi-cheap

Time for another great old truck, this one a ’51 Chevy, also with the clerestory windows in the cab. Looks like it sat for a long time, but now up and running

What the hell is a Nissan PAO you may ask? Well now ya know. Its Nissans somewhat retro inspired JDM take on a Citroen 2CV or Mini built and sold in the home market from 1989-91. Terminal cuteness always works

Nicely and mildly rodded ’57 post Chevy. Pistascio green actually works nice on this car

A great truck just going to seed. This early 90s F250 extended cab Powerstroke hasn’t run in a decade, and will continue to fade away until the kids of the parents that used to own it will just have it junked. Another waste

This charming Fintail Benz also seems to sit a lot, although its licensed current and runs. Highly original and in great shape, just a wash n wax away from driver quality perfection.

Not a Hurst or a 442, but this ’68 Olds Cutlass convert would be a lovely summertime car to own for cruise night

Retired coppers? How many you want. These retired Police Interceptor Crown Vics were parked up three deep. The next Bluesmobile just waiting to happen?

What’s any kind of car show without a first gen Corvair. Cute.

This resotmoded early Bronco is immaculate, ready for car shows or a summer at the beach with me in it

I sure wish I had the concession to sell car covers to this family

OK, I get that its a 4-door, not an XL, nor a 427, but what a nice big old cruise bomb is this ’64 Ford

This hapless Citroen SM was a runner up until recently, but its now a partscar with a collapsed suspension, moldy interior and lots and tons of rust. Shame

Wife Linda cannot stand Porsche 914s, but I’d have one in a minute, if not for the wife can’t stand problem