Two new car books in the oven for you

Dear Gang,

I hope you are all sheltering in place and supporting social distancing and such — all the better time to read.

Assuming the book publishing business and market returns to normal once the virus crises is over, I’ll have two new books out for your hopeful enjoyment.  Right now the plan is for a fall release, and you can see from the graphic above that one is all about the Galpin Motors Story.  If you don’t know Galpin, it’s one of the largest and most influential automotive dealer groups in the world.  Lots of great archival photos too: Shelby, customs, van conversions, and even its own NASCAR team.  And amazingly still family owned, with something like a dozen brands now.

The other piece is my third and final book about Steve McQueen as Hollywood racer and car guy; celebrating everything about Bullitt: the cars, the stars, the stunts, the locations, the cast, crew and hopefully some stuff you didn’t know or never heard, and putting to rest some of the BS stuff you have heard.

Anyway, stay cool, and we’ll all come out of this deal on the other side.  And please keep reading…