Tracing the Footsteps (and tire marks) of Bullitt in the 2019 Mustang Bullitt

I recently visited the City by the Bay to once again follow the footstep and tireprints of Lt. Frank Bullitt and the greatest movie car chase scene ever filmed.  Of course I had to do it in a new Bullitt edition Mustang, and want to share the journey with you.

And it’s all in preparation for my new book: Bullitt: The Cars and the People behind Steve McQueen, which will be out next year.

However my pals at, already assembled a great web post based on my observations and photos, so rather than retype the whole thing and repost it here, its easiest just to link you direct:

Now that you’ve seen this, its time to pull out your Bullitt DVD (or BlueRay or VHS) and play the movie, yet again.  Or if you want one of the best Mustangs every produced, get to your Ford dealer and put your name on a new 2019 before they’re gone.  Here’s all the product information, direct from Ford: