I’m excited to tell you about my next and newest project — the first new (in some years) and up to date book about the story you thought you knew.

DeLorean, the man, the car, the company, the trial, the fall, the big movie, and today.  There have been several books about DeLorean published since it all happened in the 80s — a few of them good, others not so much.  With various efforts underway to bring the brand back to life as a new vehicle producer, the name is back in the news.


So it was time for a fresh look.  Which I did, from John DeLorean’s upbringing and early career(s), life story, the birth of his company, the factory in Belfast, financial undoings, the phony drug bust and trial, today’s aftermarket and club scene, additional resources.  Plus dozens of previously never published photos from ItalDesign’s deep archive of illustrations, renderings, photos, wind tunnel tests, body bucks, and all that inside the tent kind of stuff.  And up close and personal looks at Back to the Future movie stills, and a deep dive with the fully restored primary “A” car from the first film.

Published by Quarto Publishing/Motorbooks, it’s a beautiful production and is on the press as I type this and will be released this fall.

You can pre-order at

Plus you’ll be able to order publisher direct at, and soon be able to arrange for autographed copies via

And ultimately from the eponymous Amazon– : DeLorean, matt stone

I hope you’ll check it out, and enjoy reading it as much I as enjoyed researching, shooting, driving, and writing it.