Pelican Parts’ spin on Cars N Coffee

Pelican principle Wayne Dempsey is the lucky dog that owns this 959 — my dream street Porsche among all of them. Yowzah!

If you own a Porsche, Mini, Mercedes-Benz or BMW, you likely know Pelican Parts. Its an impressive online parts business that carries lots of great stuff, and nearly always has the right parts in stock. They carry new Porsche original, high quality aftermarket, and racy stuff.

Nice people, and also maintain a fabulous collection of Porsches. They also put on, about once a quarter or so, a really outstanding Cars N Coffee type morning cruise in that they choose to call Coffee and Cars, not wanting to appearing to be ripping of SoCal Orange County’s original Cars N Coffee, which is sadly no longer extant.

Anything is welcome at Pelican’s events, but as you might expect, they’re more sports car focused that muscle or hot rods. No matter, it’s all free, the parking lot is huge, there’s a Starbucks on property, and 400 cars in a morning isn’t unusual. I make it when I can and suggest you try it at least once if you are a junkie for these things like I am.

You can also sign up to get email notices and reminders via their site at to do so.

Here’s some pix and I honestly don’t remember if Kirk Gerbracht took them or me, but it don’t matter a lot since we were probably both there at the same time and saw the same stuff.

Hope I see you there at the next one…

Proof that posse and me was thar: buddy Jeff’s fabulous Cayman GTS on left, my black Carrera 3.2 middle, and Kirk’s gray 996 right.

Nothing looks better on a 917 or Ford GT40 than Gulf livery — I’ll leave it to you to decide how well or not it works on a 911.

Wonderful Winged Things!

Seeing a Facel Vega at a show is somewhat rare, but two at a time — one convert and one ragtop — simply crazy good

Pantera always looks great to my eyes. Miss mine a lot.

The newest Acura NSX is sure a whiz bang example of uber high tech performance, and gorgeous, but this old school original also still works for me.

So, is it Lotii, or Lotuses?

Early 80s flashback: Guards Red 911SC coupe is still a good look

Besides hosting this wonderful gig, the Pelican Parts folks are on hand to meet, greet, answer your questions, and hand out a few goodies.