I’m pleased to say that my latest book project, after interminable delays due to Covid, inflation, deflation, supply chain issues, a rail strike, locust, rickets, acne, heartburn, and goodness knows what else, is alive and well, in print and available in time for the holidays (shameless plug, hint hint).

Factory special editions, anniversary models, uber limited production machines, short and custom runs, racecars that beget street cars, street cars that beget racecars, custom coachbuilds, small volume manufacturers, top shelf tuners, and a helping of factory concept cars — so many cars I’d never previously seen nor heard of — are discussed herein.

Big thanks to the incomparable Porsche Shaman and Stylemaker Magnus Walker for contributing a thoughtful and insightful Foreword, and to friends at Porsche, the Porsche Museum, and the Porsche factory Corporate Archive, for making all of this possible.

Here’s a few picks to whet your appetite…

Doubleclick on any photo to see it full screen in high res

The Cat In the Hat, Magnus Walker, with his famous 277 911 and the downtown LA skyline as background, contributed greatly to this effort

So much Porsche greatness to discuss

Honestly, one of the most compelling photos in this book; in the lead is Porsche #1, with Drs. Ferdinand and Drs. Ferry Porsche aboard, on the streets of Gmund Austria with one of the uber super uber rare Type 64 aero race coupes following. These are the cars that forever defined the Porsche shape and rear engined ethos

For many, the 1973 Carrera RS 2.7 is the seminal 911. Light, Lithe, fast, straightfoward, stylesetting, and historic

Porsche PosterChild – is the only way to describe the factory 930 Turbo slantnose

Lots of great Spyders, Speedsters and Boxsters to discuss along the way too

The GT1/98’s memorable 1-2 finish at Le Mans in 1998 — I was there!

Likely the world’s first gasoline electric powered hybrid, designed by Ferdinand Porsche of course

Of course 924s!


Slate Gray — Steve McQueen’s favorite color on a 911, is never, ever wrong

IROC — and so do you


Porsche first factory entered car at Le Mans, and first class win also


Three RUFs; Mrs. and Mr, and a yellow RUF Porsche

Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Father of Panamera?

There’s a reason they call them “Schleppers”

Great designer — strange Porsche

As only Italians could rebody a 914/6

Another, and superbly elegant Italian riff on the 356

And how much fun would this be to toodle around town, or the race track in?

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