More cool Japan car sightings by Mo

As I’ve mentioned to you and posted about before, my daughter lives and works as a freelance writer and ESL teacher in Tokyo.  And sharing my affinity for strange, cool, and wonderful cars, she snaps them along her trail and shares them with me so I can share them with you.  And you can double-click on any image to see it full screen if you wish.

OK all you Outback and WRX fans, this is one of the earliest chapters in the Subaru story. Strangely proportioned, yet oddly wonderful, as are so many early Japanese cars. Two-cylinder rear engine powered, with not as much horsepower as many of today’s lawnmowers. Always looked like a Disneyland ride car to me.

Here’s her latest batch; the story behind them goes: “My friend Flory lives in Shibuya, and we were walking around a posh neighborhood near her place and found these cars”

So here ya go, and the photos tell the stories….

The little badge just below the rear window reads “SUPER DELUXE.” Not sure what its makers feel qualifies as particularly super, or particularly deluxe, but you may feel it is, or maybe just kinda cuddly dorky looking.

There must be Japanese cartoon characters inspired by this face, or was it vice versa?


Nothing strange or weird about this iconic sport sedan. Given Japan’s penchant for smaller displacement engines, I’d be this to be a 1600 as opposed to the more powerful and popular 2002.

That’s all for today, but knowing Mo, there will be more.

Thanks for tuning in.