Montrose, California 4th of July Car Show

It’s a scene repeated dozens if not hundreds of times all around America; the local weekend car show.  Three Day Holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July are particularly suited to this activity.  You know, the local car club puts on a casual run what ya brung gathering at the local park or shopping mall or district.  And so it was that my local version of the mythical Mayberry, that being Montrose, California, did the same on July 7, 2019.

Montrose is a meandering shopping village sandwiched neatly in between Glendale, La Canada Flintridge, and La Crescenta California; three residential burbs in the footfhills of the Angeles Forest mountains, less than half an hour north of Downtown Los Angeles.  Montrose has everything you’d want for a stroll to shop, eat, drink, and meet up with friends, or host a car show.  Babies in strollers, joggers, hipsters, and old folks all welcome.  This event has been happening here every 4th of July for decades.  Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and supported by a variety of local car clubs.  What’s particularly nice is that the streets are blocked to traffic, so the cars are parked up on the meandering street with most of the stores open; it’s a friendly, safe and easy way to see the cars, enjoy an ice cream cone or a hot dog, and connect with friends, and so much more pleasant than a big giant, hot asphalt parking lot.  Among the attractions is one side street loaded up with all sorts of fuel burning dragsters and boats, so they put on a “cackle fest.”  And if you’ve never heard or smelled a nitro burning drag racer warming up or zinging up and down the tach, you ain’t lived totally yet.  It’s great fun and always draws a crowd.

The story’s in the cars, bikes, and photos, so here they are, thanks to Kirk Gerbracht….and please remember you can doubleclick on any image to see it full screen and in high res

I didn’t count, but gotta be 300 cars at this free event.  Notice the street sign that says Ocean View Blvd…and yes you can really see reflections  off the Pacific ocean from here

It wouldn’t be a local car show in America without Tri-Five Chevvies, and this event offered a ton of them, most quite handsome and well done

and hot rods, of course

The Mack Daddy of post war pickups, of course that being a factory original restored 1956 Ford F-100 Custom Cab

Plus a real live McLaren from back in the day

Presentation is everything

Handsome Deuce hot rod pick’em up in great colors running a proper Mercury flathead V-8

Nash Metros vie hard for the Terminal Cuteness award

Nobody else seems to do the bright acid colors schemes as effectively as Lamborghini

Handsome mild Outlaw 356 among several nice Porsches on show

See what I mean about presentation, homage to the times, and our local Bob’s Big Boy restaurant

Smooth ’36 Ford cabrio always a popular rod or custom

Nigh to perfect ’40 Ford woodie would look at home at any concours or beach house driveway

Not everyone loves the ’38 Ford but I do — for me an ideal combination of smooth shape and art decco details

Yet more great Tri-Fives

Shelby CSX 427 Cobra…what’s under that hood?


Plenty of Vettes of course…

and LittleBirds too

Yup, this cackler got a Hemi

and another

and yet a third

And more than a handful of show quality VWs…

of all shapes, including boxy and classic…

…and colors

This Divco delivery truck looked great on the outside, but interior and cab were disappointing

A crowd favorite was certainly this Mini Traveler, a right hooker too, back from when a Mini was mini. Its the pride and joy of one of the show’s principle organizers, my friend Tom King

Luv to see Panteras by the pair

Guess we’ll see you next year at