Medford Cars & Coffee; Launching May 4, 2019 in Southern Oregon

I love Cars’N’Coffee events, and have made it a point to visit them anywhere in the world I happen to go.  And I’m pleased and proud to announce a new one, launching May 4/19 in the Medford area of Southern Oregon.

It’s the brainchild of my longtime friend and partner in automotive crime Kirk Gerbracht (you may recognize his byline as the photographer for many of the posts on my site). Kirk is retiring to Medford Oregon, and while exploring the car community up there was disappointed to learn about the dearth of C n C events (because in SoCal, we’ve been known to attend 3-4 of them in a weekend). So me and at least one other friend, encouraged (badgered is more like it) him to found one. Which he’s done.

The locale is great, a wide open, clean, handsome parking lot of a major medical complex, that’s closed on the weekends, leaving 120 or so parking spaces open for a quick, pre honey-do list morning carsncoffee meet. Coffee being what literally and figuratively fuels these events is covered by a Starbucks on the property.

There’s no particular organization to it — meaning no fee to enter your car or spectate, no classes, no judging or trophies, you don’t have to park anywhere in particular, and it’s run when you brung. Mustangs, Mavericks, Mercedes to Maseratis, and most anything else welcome. The only things not welcome are bad attitudes, burnouts, rev limiter exhibitions, littering,and taking two parking spaces.

I’m proud of Kirk for making it happen, and I hope it’s a huge success. And I absolutely plan to visit. But don’t wait for me: if you are anywhere near this area, please attend early and often to help build the groundswell. These events typically begin small, then gather cars and momentum as the word gets around. So please be a part of that initial nucleus, show up, bring your car and your family and friends, then spread the word. I’m confident it’ll be a great gig.

Here’s all the info, including the Who/What/Where/When: