Kip Cyprus’s Garajmahal

Most of the cars sit at ground level, but many of the motorcycles are mounted on the wall, and some cars are double racked to make the most efficient use of the space

Kip Cyrpus is an Orange County property developer, manager, and investor.  And he also loves just about anything with a motor and wheels.  His collection is varied, and eclectic.  There are a few of the expected standards, and lots of different and unexpected too, including fabulous cars, motorcycles, engines on stands, and great ephemera (watches, a whole room dedicated to old school metal license plates, lots of neon signage, old gas pumps, and such).  He’s a nice guy, soft and well spoken, and seems quite willing to share his toys with others.  The car barn that I visited and shown in these photos, holds only abut half his collection, and I plan another visit to see the rest of it.

Kip and his wife have done well for themselves, and it shows, and they deserve it.  Take a look.

Kinda takes your breath away doesn’t it? And every millimeter of this space and every vehicle is as immaculate as they look

For me personally, the absolute crown jewel of Kip’s toybox is this ultra rare, and perfectly restored deTomaso Vallelunga, which as deTomaso’s first production model predates the Mangusta and Pantera by several years. Gorgeous

Its most likely that this Valle came with a black interior, but the restoration to this perfect tan leather cabin goes great with the red exterior, so who cares?

Year sure my bathroom looks just like this — yours too?

Check out this comfy sitting area just off the main room, like everything else here its dazzling but not overdone

Check out this jewel like Offy motor on a stand

No vacancy at the Cadillac Motel, although the ’58 Caddy in the foreground looked large enough to sleep six with ease

I’m a bit of a watch fool, so this case full of rally clocks and stopwatches really dazzled my eyes

Old pot metal license plate frames get their own room

Vintage clock style gas pumps and old gas station garage equipment…of course!

Among all the great cars, muscle, sports, big Yanks, this charming Alfa Romeo panel van got as much attention as any

Porsche bandwidth: GT2 RS and Junior diesel tractor

Cyprus is the gent in the middle wearing black shirt, and his place has a well stocked bar and entertainment center. Talk about garage envy — thanks for sharing, Kip