Jay Leno And Walmart Partner On Premium Car Care

If you know me at all, you know about my car care and detailing products fetish.  I’ve sampled and tested all of Jay Leno’s Garage stuff and find it to be of very high quality, and moderately priced.  Up until now, the only place to buy it was on the JLG website — which is no bad thing.  But if you want to use it on day of purchase, you had to wait for shipping.  Now the JLG line will be sold at WalMart.  I thought this was news you’d enjoy learning about.  Thanks – MS

Jay Leno And Walmart Partner On Car Care Line Designed To Save Consumers Money On Innovative, Professional Grade Products

Jay Leno and Walmart have introduced an amazing line of car care products to customers nationwide. Ranging from a leather cleaner to a quick detailer, seven advanced car care products from Jay Leno’s Garage are now available through Walmart.com and will be sold inside retail stores beginning the spring of 2021. As part of the program, Leno transformed a 2021 Ford F-150 to match the 1979 model driven by the iconic Sam Walton.

“Both Walmart and Jay Leno’s Garage share a passion for offering innovative, time-saving products that deliver professional results at a great value,” said Jay Leno. “To celebrate the introduction of our car care products through Walmart, we customized a 2021 Ford F-150 to look like the ‘79 truck that Sam Walton drove to deliver products to his stores. Truly a workhorse, Sam kept it in top condition throughout his life. Our car care products can help hardworking people keep their vehicles looking just as great at a low cost that Sam Walton would have appreciated.”

Legendary comedian, world-renowned car guy and former host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno worked closely with product engineers and chemists to develop easy-to-use formulations that offer world-class shine and protection. The company – which shares its name with the Emmy-award winning television series – offers a range of detailing solutions, tools and accessories.

Available under the Jay Leno’s Garage – Advanced Vehicle Care brand, the company makes its products in the USA. The line includes products used on his cars that helped him win multiple Concours level car shows.

The initial offering of vehicle care products available include:

  • Leather Conditioner – A premium moisturizing crème formulated to nourish & protect even the most neglected leather surfaces
  • Quick Detailer – Features an advanced polymer formula designed to maximize shine and help maintain the appearance of waxed surfaces between washes
  • Radiant Ceramic Sealant – This easy-to-use, sprayable, SiO2-based ceramic coating provides months of durable, hydrophobic paint protection
  • Vehicle Wash – The super-concentrated and PH-neutral foaming car wash shampoo helps lift dirt & grime away from paint without leaving any soap residue left behind
  • Trim & Tire Care – A waterborne formula that offers deep, long-lasting shine and ultraviolet protection on tires and plastic trim
  • Wheel Cleaner – This easy-to-use and effective brake dust cleaner is safe for use on aluminum, alloy, chrome, powder coat, painted and clear coat wheel finishes
  • Leather Cleaner – Gently lifts away dirt, residue, grease, denim transfer, body oils, and stains from natural leather, new OEM sealed leather and synthetic leather alternatives

To demonstrate his commitment to the ideals that helped drive Sam Walton’s success, Leno located an original 1979 F-150 custom pickup that was almost a twin to the one driven by the company’s founder until his death in 1992. Leno and his team then used the truck to demonstrate the benefits and qualities of the car care product line to help restore the classic Ford. Once the car care products from Jay Leno’s Garage passed the rigorous Walmart testing requirements, Jay and his team celebrated by matching a new Ford F-150 to the heritage truck, right down to a custom dog carrier built by the same company who provided the one for Walton’s original pickup.

That 1979 F-150 is currently located in the Walmart Museum, which features Walton’s 5&10, a world-class exhibit gallery and The Spark Café Soda Fountain in Bentonville, Arkansas. The creation of the Walmart Museum was, as Sam Walton put it, “a labor of love” for many associates.


Led by Betty Holmes, the team scrupulously documented the beginnings of the Walton family, the growth of Sam Walton as a leader and businessman, and the founding of Walmart. Betty Holmes traveled extensively with Sam, most often by plane with Sam as their pilot. Leno and his team named the replica truck “Betty” in her honor. The replica 1979 and the 2021 Ford-150s were featured together in a video by Jay Leno’s Garage.

“Seeing the two F150s side-by-side in Jay’s garage was like witnessing a family reunion of past and future classics,” said Alan Dranow, director of the Walmart Museum. “I think Sam would’ve been happy to see the modern version of his old red-and-white. It has all the updates he’d want to keep current with today’s technology, and technology was important to Sam.”

The Jay Leno’s Garage car care line is part of Walmart’s automotive department product line. Each week, nearly 270 million customers and members visit Walmart’s more than 11,700 stores under 59 banners in 28 countries and eCommerce websites.

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