Great Cars from the World of Travelling Mo

As you know, one of my daughters, Mo, identifies herself as a citizen of the world; born and raised around LA, she’s additionally lived in San Francisco, Turkey, and now in Kanazawa, Japan where she works as an English teacher and travel writer.

And also travels the world.

She knows how much I love strange cars from foreign places, so she makes it her hobby to seek out such things wherever she happens to be travelling or living at any given time. She happysnaps all sorts of great photos for me, either of American cars in far away places or of the myriad of cars that we don’t get here in North America.

I love this stuff, and hope you enjoy me sharing it with you. She describes her most recent batch of photos as such: “A few weeks ago I was walking around Nonoichi, Japan, and saw some fun things in driveways.”

All photos by Mo Stone, and I hope you enjoy…

This is very most obviously a Mazda MX-5/Miata, with some serious body mods and an iconic Gulf Blue and Orange livery. Lots of racy scoops here, and some pretty oversized rolling stock

Another look at the same MX-5. A lot of people paint this color scheme onto a variety of cars, but seldom do they get the colors exactly right, nor the proportions of the graphics to really recall those Ford GT40s and Porsche 917s we’re so used to seeing this way. The race car cues are well done here too, such as the cooling holes in the front fascia, the heavy duty hood latches, and the tow hook and front spoiler…I get it, and I like it

Here’s one you don’t see every day, its the pint sized Daihatsu Copen, a smaller than Miata-scale little roadster; its small and super light, and the hardtop top retracts. Daihatsu built this cute little roadsterette from 200-2012, and brought back a second gen model in 2014

Another look at the Copen. Too bad there is nothing standing around it so you can’t really judge the tiny scale of it

I have…

no idea what this little pink monster is…

Daihatsu version of the original Mini? Sort of, because that face is unmistakable

…that is, if the original Mini was built in Japan and offered as a four-door, none of which happened but its fun