Got Porsche? So do we

This wonderful vintage looking 912 worked hard and made great noise

This wonderful vintage looking 912 worked hard and made great noise


Greetings readers,

I recently attended a couple great Porsche events, the first on the day that we learned that Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche passed away, he who designed the Porsche 911/912 then went on to launch Porsche Design.

These two events were the PCA Porsche Festival at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, which was born and I still think of as California Speedway.  The other was a fine gathering of all manner of Porsche cars on the garden green of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

I’m guessing who finshed where in what race at Fontucky, or who place where in the judging at Art Center might be of less importance to you than just seeing the cars.  So, keep scrolling down, and please don’t leave too soon, and enjoy these wonderful pix by my pal Kirk Gerbracht.

My '89 Carrera 3.2 coupe on left, Kirk's immaculate '03 996 X51 Carrera coupe in the middle, and other buddy Jeff's recently acquired Cayman S Sport on the right.


Here's Kirk and Jeff's cars, protecting the entrance to the potties.


I got a great shady spot - important for a black car whose AC is on the fritz, and that 993 C2S parked behind me was perfect.

Jeff's new toy is terrific, and he also plans to track it - I can't wait for that ride.

Some of these club racers and time-trialers get pretty serious with their cars. Check out this barely still street legal 911.

Pal Jeff, with the black Cayman, got a little track-itchy every time this guy went by.

911 SC chases down that lovely vintage feel 912.


Late model Turbo chases down much modified 964; off to Art Center now...

How nice to come around the corner and see this.

Art Center's grounds are perfect for modest sized car shows.

Fabulous 356s; stylish, quick enough, sporty, and beaufifully crafted. Luv 'em.

Early 911 meets late 356 - cousins for sure, but evidence that time marches on.

Early 911s draw the crowds, and big prices these days.

I always forget the name of this color, but just love it; so subtle, so elegant.








I really appreciate the 912E; what a great road tripper that would be easy on gas.

A local dealer brought this new 991 and everyone had an opinion about it.

So, a real (rare) 924 Carrera GT or well done clone? Sorry, I don't remember.

PCA Anniversary club coupe; rare and attractive color combo. I think PCNA built like 50 of these.

Most interesting ’72 911T with external oil filler door (not visible) on passenger side rear fender.

Most of the drool trails on this super early, super perfect 914-6 were left by me. Wow!

The background car, a 912 Targa, is about as rare as they come. Tasty alonside early 911s.

My only complaint? Not enough cars; lawn would have held another two dozen comfortably.