Check out CPX, the Collector Part Exchange

Parts is parts.  But when you can’t get them for your special interest, classic or collector car, parts is hell.

We’ve all been through it; trying to find the obscure little part for your obscure specialty car.  And those of you who have done this long enough remember the archeological dig that parts-chasing was previous to the Mysterious InterWebs and the magic of Google.  Some years ago, I was restoring a deTomaso Deauville sedan, and had exhausted the remaining parts supply at the factory in Modena.  So I wrote letters (around the world) looking for certain parts, or substitutes for them.  I called.  I faxed (remember that?) countless reams of fax paper all over the world looking for this widget or that.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new parts clearing source that may be of benefit to all of us.  It’s Collector Part Exchange, or CPX.  The URL is .  Need a distributor for your Dino?  Fidgets for your Fiat?  Tranny for your Triumph?  Search this site.  On a recent visit there, CPX listed a complete Ferrari “outside plug” 3.0-liter V-12 engine.

All kinda stuff, rubber moldings, ignition bits, chrome and body panels.  I was pleasantly shocked at the variety of stuff they listed connections for.

Disclosure: I have never purchased anything via this site, but it promises complete satisfaction and customer service so that everyone gets what they need and walks away happy.  I haven’t yet needed this resource for my own cars, but will try them when I do.  And I am not being paid by them to write this post, nor do they advertise with me, or vice versa.

I just felt it was cool, potentially helpful, and thought you might like to check it out.  Hope it helps you some day, in some way, as I sure like the idea of it.