Cars I saw on my summer vacation

Check out this fabulous old Ferrari plying the streets of Modena, Italy, not far from where it was build back in 1950-whatever. It right hand drive, very original looking, and sounded glorious. And don’t miss the cobbled streets and portico’d sidewalks of magnifico Modena either.

As you know while out and about in faraway places, I enjoy snapping the cool, fabulous, and often strange cars I see while on the road, and I like to share them with you. Hope you appreciate and/or share some of my eclectic tastes…

Check out the parking in front of the magnificent Hotel Canalgrande in Modena, my favorite home away from while in Italy. Like they say, all Ferraris are red no matter what color they’re painted.

Now THAT’s Italian…an old school Fiat 500 parked nose in at Fiesole, Italy.

Here’s one you don’t see every day. Its the second gen Volvo bodied by Bertone, called the 780 coupe. Notice the less boxy roof and windowline, and this car had a marvelously lux leather cabin. Cool, and rare now to find a good one.

I love old Landies, especially Defender trucks like this one. A project for sure, but looked solid and largely complete.

Speaking of bitchin Landies, check out this 2-door Defender 110 sitting just 100 feet from the truck above. The door and window treatment lead me to believe this was bodied to be an ambulance or some such.

Lancia Delta Integrale is one of Italy’s best all wheel drive and turbocharged, rally inspired hot hatches. On the streets of Maranello, near the Ferrari factory

Was modestly surprised to see this private import Mustang V-6 in matte black, also in Modena

Can’t say I would have thought of using a second gen VW van chassis as basis for a tin camper. Bet this thing is S-L-O-W

Gas stations in Italy are like shopping centers with stores, nice food places, and great restroom facilities. The Alfa on the right was my ride while there, and I’m sorry to have caught this Ferrari co-pilot bent over with her butt in the air. Nice red Italian cars though…

There’s more to Italy than just Italian iron — check out this immaculate MGA roadster parked in Modena.

I truly enjoy Citroens, and when I’ve grown tired of solid, reliable, late model classics, I’ll own one (likely a DS). No matter, gotta find this 4CV Dyan a charmer.

Speaking of cool Cits, familiar with the Mehari? Its got corrugated body panels, and is an odd cross between a 2CV and a VW Thing. And I know where he can get a used hood for it too

Go to Maranello, you’re going to see Ferraris. Check out this fabulous V-8 powered pair, an F430 and a 360 Modena in front of Hors Linge, one of the finer Ferrariana shops in town

It only looks like something off a movie set, but its really just a Ferrari 458 parked in the center of Fiesole, and the clock tower behind is something like 1000 years old.