Cars I’ve Loved and Hated, a new blogbook by Michael Lamm

A Young Michael Lamm, and one of his many interesting cars

Mike Lamm is one of my heros in the motojourno biz. When I was a kid in junior high, he was on staff at Motor Trend, and always did the greatest pieces about classics and used cars. I read anything Michael wrote, as it was always on point and well written. A few decades later I was also lucky enough to be on staff at MT, and had a mostly great 15 year run there. Michael and I are both since long gone, and plying the waters and freelance writers. Mike has had some very cool cars (and a few turkeys) and it doesn’t surprise me at all that we share similar automotive tastes. We’ve become friends over time, and he’s written countless great articles and many fine books over the years.

He recently published a blog called Cars I’ve Loved and Hated, An Unauthorized Auto Biography, and has now assembled it in compendium form. The stories are layed out book style, so you can fan through them on your computer screen, or print the entire enchilada and have it bound so it looks, feels, and mostly reads like a book.

Available for bupkas in CD form, there are 15 unique chapters, containing over 200 pages and 131 photos. The original project was done for Hemmings, so you know its quality, and the CD is a screaming bargain at $14.95, plus $1.23 sales tax for us Cali residents, and $3.00 for shipping.

In it, Mike discusses many of the 80 or so collectible cars he’s owned over time. Do yourself, and Michael, a favor, and buy this CD for yourself and maybe a few for gifts for the car fools around you.

Learn more at, or send your check direct, for the amounts noted above, direct to Michael Lamm’s office at 9428 Hickory Avenue, Stockton, CA 95212.

You’ll really enjoy his great work. Thanks for listening.