Black Friday – Car book buyer’s guide

Here’s some of the new stuff out this season:

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Don, The Snake, Prudhomme, Life Beyond the 1320, by Don Prudhomme with Elana Scherr

I predict this to be one of the top new books of this rather strange year.  A great book by a superb writer about an all time hero.  This not only recounts many of Mr. Snake’s on track accomplishments, but tells a lot about the guy, his early life, his family life, his friends, and stuff I promise you didn’t know.  First time book author Elana Scherr is a star motorjournalist, a lovely person, and a total enthusiast.  Most of the photos in this book come right out of Don’s own scrapbooks and shoeboxes.  Published by CarTechBooks, and you can find it publisher direct from them, Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, CA (probably the best way to get an autographed copy), or the inevitable

The Shapes of Speed, Streamlined Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1930-1942, by Ken Gross  [sorry for the sideways photos, still posted this way no matter how many times and ways I reformatted them]

Another great piece of work with by the ever insightful Ken Gross.  Ken really understands the history of this era, as well as the tenets of design in these times — and speaks eloquently about both.  Beautifully illustrated and produced, if you love the Streamlined Times, you’ll want this.  Published by Stance and Speed, its available publisher direct from them, Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, CA, or the inevitable

365 Sports Cars You Must Drive, second edition, by the late John Lamm with Larry Edsall and Steve Sutcliffe

It pains me deeply to have to identify the incomparable John Lamm as “the late” yet sadly we lost this mega talented writer and photographer just a few months back.  Quick and easy reading about a lot of great and interesting cars, the original idea behind this series, when I did my first one some years ago was “A Car Guy’s Year to Live” which was then softened to “If you could drive a different car every day for a year….” then ultimately 355 Cars (sports cars, bikes, race cars) you Must Drive.  Perfect bathroom reading, as you can read one capsule at a time, one, twenty, or a hundred at a sitting.  Published by Motorbooks, available publisher direct from them, or Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, CA, or the inevitable

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The Complete Book of Corvette, Every Model since 1953, by Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller’s latest ‘big Corvette book” which, yes, includes the C8.  Lots of info, lots of details, lots of stuff for the money.  Not super deep or detailed on racing, but that not its mission.  Pretty solid reference about the life and times of America’s Sports Car., Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, CA , or the inevitable

Volkswagen Beetles and Buses, by Russell Hayes

OK now this is just too much fun.  The history, life, times, and fun about these loveable VWs.  Nicely illustrated with old and new artwork, if you love Bugs and Buses, you’ll enjoy this book., Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, CA , or the inevitable

Bullitt, The Cars and The People Behind Steve McQueen, by Yours Truly, Matt Stone

I’d be a Schmuck not to include my own newest baby.  Why do this and why now (?), you may ask.  A triumvirate of reasons; first is that Bullitt turned 50 in 2018, second is that the two magic Mustangs used to make the film and all those jumps and stunts, came to light in the last few years, and also Ford released a third gen Bullitt edition Mustang also in 2019.  I tell all those stories and more, in this tome, with a combination of new and archival photos, many of which I promise you’ve not seen before.  Foreword by Steve’s only son, Chad McQueen.  Published by CarTechBooks, and you can find it publisher direct from them, Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, CA, or the inevitable

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