Welcome to the revised MattStoneCars.com

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Thank you for continuing to visit my site.

I hope you’ve noticed that we’ve freshened things up here a bit lately. The site functions much as it did before, but has been mildly redesigned in order to be more attractive, a little easier to use, and more tablet and mobile device friendly.

You’ll notice the blog opening page gives not only the most current post at the top but a selection of the last dozen or so posts to access directly which might save you some scrolling time. Also the previous site was programmed in html, and this is now a Windows based program, which will allow us to update it more easily and more often.

We still don’t want to take any money from you for anything, and we won’t arrogantly ask you to “Like” us here or anywhere else.  Otherwise it’ll be more of the same brand  of automotive information, opinion, and general foolishness we’ve shared with you the last several years.

My thanks to programmer Derek Merson who did a brilliant job of making the site look and work better, and to my internal Webmistress, Linda J. Stone, who updates and fixes things.

We have lots more cars to drive, places to visit, and stories to tell, and I hope you’ll visit often, and invite your friends to do so as well, if you wish.

Thanks so much again for visiting past, present, and future.