Trying My Best to be Media Social

Not much better than hanging out at Jay's Library

Not much better than hanging out at Jay’s Library

I find the media convergence to be very exciting. Although it can be a bit dizzying to an old school dog like me. For my life and business, Facebook and Twitter don’t really fit to well, which is why I’m not active on these platforms. Of course this website is a must, and I quite enjoy doing this blog, and hope you enjoy visting.. I’ve done some other social media segments recently that I hope you’ll consider checking out. And they are described below.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno, besides being one of the best ever late night talk show hosts, is without question among the world’s great comics. He’s just naturally funny, and a fine and very nice man. His sense of humor is positively wicked, and of course anyone viewing this site or blog knows him as The Ever Supreme Car Guy that he is. You’ve probably visited his website,, and if not then you must. Jay does great video segments with us book authors when we publish new books, and helps us plug new releases. The segments are logically enough called “Jay Leno’s Book Club.” And he’s been most generous with me each time I’ve published a new book, and has had me as a guest to talk about it.

Here’s a recent segment that I participated in, and I hope you’ll agree includes one way cool and outstanding ex-James Garner off-road racer. My continued thanks to Jay and his small but highly professional production crew for having me as a guest…

Cars, Yeah!

Another site of interest to car guys and gals is Cars, Yeah! Hosted by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Mark Greene, this is a site primarily for Podcasts with all sorts of great folks from the automotive community. Mark asks thought-provoking questions of his guests, and does a very professional job producing these segments.
Here’s mine:

Petersen Car Stories

From past stories and blogs, you likely know that one of my very Happiest Places on Earth is the famous Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. It also does a fine podcast series with car folks called Car Stories. Here’s mine…