Medford (OR) Cars ‘N Coffee Launches Saturday, May 4, 2019

Those of you in or near Southern Oregon are lucky to be getting a great new cars ‘n coffee meet launching Saturday May 4, 2019 in Medford.  The location, in the giant parking lot of a large handsome medical complex is immaculate, has marked spaces for 125 cars, and comes factory equipped with its own Starbucks.  It’s being launched by my long time partner in automotive crime Kirk Gerbracht, and a lot of effort and thought went into the whole deal.  Like most of these events, it’ll probably start small, but needs your attedance, support, and word of mouth to grow and make it great.

So please support this new event, and you can get all the details at  I won’t be there this weekend, but plan in visit in August.

See you then and see you there.