Gasser 7 and Isky 100 Calendar Alert

The incomparable Ed “Isky” Iskenderian turned 100 on July 10, and the occasion has been celebrated many times and places over the last month or so, but in case you missed any of them, or just want one more, The Camfather will again be honored at the Gasser 7 round up and open house coming up August 28, 2021 at the venerable Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo.  Hours are 10AM to 4PM, and there will be all kinds of hot cars, dragsters, and hot rodding and drag racing people there with which to spend the day.  Plus you’ll see a dandy car museum in the process.

Gasser 7’s official subtitle is “A Celebration of Vintage Speed Open to All Drag Cars of the Era.”

All the details are in these two images, which you can click on to see high res and full screen:

The ADM is located at 610 Lairport Street, El Segundo, CA  or get more at

I’ll see you there…