A wonderful tribute from one friend of mine to another

A Heartfelt Goodbye to Journalist, Photographer and Amelia Judge John Lamm
John Lamm. Photo courtesy of Bill Warner
It is with a heavy heart that I relate that my friend of over 40 years, John Lamm died last week after a long battle with cancer.
John and I met through our relationship with Road & Track. From shooting races on assignment to sharing the driver’s seat of a Jack Roush Mercury with Joe Rusz and Bob Akin, the two of us shared many happy moments.
John was one of the most talented men I ever knew. He was a photo journalist’s photo journalist. It is difficult to say which one he was the best at, photography or writing, he was superb at both.
John’s close relationship with Phil Hill was one of legend and that connection took R&T readers into venues they could only dream to aspire. When Road & Track moved to Ann Arbor, John left for a short stay at Car and Driver, but to be honest, both magazines left us behind. It was a change in automotive journalism to which neither of us could fully adapt. He spent some time working with the REVS Institute and organizing his substantial archives.
John not only judged at Amelia, but one of the last pieces he wrote (and had photographed) was in the 2020 Amelia program….a story on the Scaglietti Corvette.  He would not accept payment, but deferred to giving his talents to the Amelia Foundation. That was the kind of man he was.
John Lamm (left) and Bill Warner shake hands trackside.
John served his country in the Army as a journalist in Vietnam, entertained millions through Road & Track and earned a strong following of admirers worldwide. He and I both loved old time radio, especially the wry comedy team of Bob and Ray, who would always close their show with one of them saying, “Write if you get work” and the other answering, “Hang by your thumbs.” That’s how all our conversations ended.
I’ll miss him, his talent and his wonderful sense of humor. To his lovely wife Scheri and their family, Jane and I extend our heartfelt condolences.
“Write if you get work, my friend. I am hanging by my thumbs until we meet again.”